5 effective on- page techniques that you need to know

On- page SEO is evaluated as one the most important strategies that you need to focus on building and developing in order to get better ranking on search engines. There are a wide range of on- page technologies and the number is not only 5, but today SEO in Singapore would like to show you the most effective 5 tips that we highly recommend you to apply on your website. Let’s take a look on this article and find out what they are. 

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1.    Focus on creating high quality content

A website with bad content cannot survive. By stark contrast, those sites having good content can go everywhere, even without SEO. Nowadays, people tend to estimate the quality of website through its content. The more valuable information you can deliver to your viewers, the more real customers you can get. Therefore, keep in mind about the importance of content in building on- page SEO tips.
In order to create high quality content which can satisfy your potential clients, you should take these points as your top considerations:
•    It must be unique. The fact is both Google and viewers don’t prefer reading articles with same content; thus, create your own article, post it on your own site. Remember not to publish it on another website because it’s not good for your site. Similarly, it is a bad idea to duplicate content from other sources that can make your site be penalized by Google. 
•    It must be valuable. Of course that you should create useful articles which are able to help your clients solve their problems.
•    It must be well optimized. Don’t forget to add your targeted keywords into your articles so that they can be found easily on search engines by both Google and viewers.

2.    Not only your content but also your page titles and description need to be well optimized

In fact, search engines will check your page titles to understand what your page is about; therefore, don’t forget to optimize them. It is highly recommended to create unique, simple and descriptive titles.
Furthermore, your description also need to be focused on. Your searchers will see this part on the search engines; hence, make sure that you have a good one to persuade them click on your link instead of going other sites. One SEO services think 150- character description is suitable for your site. 

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3.    Create friendly URLs is also important

Including search engine friendly URLs for each of your pages is highly recommended that can bring better crawling to your site. As one of the best SEO Singapore, we suggest to create short URLs which is proven to perform better in search engine result pages. Additionally, adding targeted keywords to increase its power.

4.    Site speed needs to be improved

Another on-page SEO technique that you need to concern is site speed. When it comes to SEO, site speed has played an important role in ranking your site these days. The faster your site loads, the more traffic you can reach and the higher ranking your site is at. Thus, please make sure that your website loads as fast as possible by taking into account Google’s recommendations. 

5.    Internal linking is able to bring lots of positive effects

Internal linking is known as the effective way to let search engines know about your other pages within your site by linking them together. Not only search engine spiders but also your viewers can follow the links to find other pages easily and quickly. Therefore, the ignorance of using this tip is a grave mistake. 

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Here are just 5 on-page SEO tips that SEO services Singapore believe they can help your SEO plan a lot. So please don’t ignore them. Hope you can find them helpful and valuable. If you have any problems with SEO, please don’t be hesitate to contact us.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources. 

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