How to use Google Plus to increase website traffic

Google Plus is becoming one of the largest social networks in the world. As a business owner who really want to get more and more traffic to your site, it is important to know how to take advantage of what Google Plus has offered to the users. Here are 6 Google Plus tips of SEO in Singapore for those who haven’t had a specific plan of optimizing their Google+ page to increase website traffic. 

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1. Optimize the “About” section

Firstly, pay attention to your profile section. Filling out your information about company is extremely necessary in order to make sure that the visitors know how to contact with you. In addition, complete all the required fields here such as profile images, company address, email address, telephone number… correctly will help you get more credibility from Google. 

2. Post high quality content

There is no doubt that low quality content will not only get less viewers’ attention to your site, but also damage your reputation. Keep in mind that content is the most important factor to make people follow your page; your followers will obviously loose their interest with tons of boring texts. Therefore, only post something valuable on your Google+ page which is interesting, new, unique and useful. Furthermore, try to post them frequently in order to make sure that you can satisfy the hungry of hot news of the viewers. Gamer, who knows those basic rules, will become the winner.

3. Optimize your posts

It is quite important to format your content. Let’s bold or italicizing some phrases, words or sentences within your article that you think they are deserve to be highlighted You might know that people don’t have enough patience to read words by words; therefore, this is the best way to reach their eyes to read your main ideas.

4. Use images 

Using images is evaluated as the most effective way to increase engagement viewers to your site. It has been shown that people tend to read more articles and share them more often if an image is attached to the content. Thus, don’t forget to make use of this powerful weapon. 

5. Using hashtags

One SEO services strongly suggest to use hashtags on your posts which can expose you updates to a wider range of viewers. Keep in mind the basic rule when using it “no spaces”, let’s start typing with a # then adding your keyword which shows your main content topic. Remember, no spaces between the letter.

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6. Manage your circles and share posts smartly

One of the most outstanding feature of Google+ is to allow you create separate circles. Each circle has its own features and include different types of viewers. Creating your networking effectively bring about more engagement in the future.

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In detail, when sharing updates, many people have the habit of sharing them publicly that means that everyone can see them; however, it is not the optimal way. Instead of showing your content to all of your viewers, it is highly recommended to choose your target circles who are suitable for the topic and share with them. You might miss out a little attention but you are able to get high quality engagement.

Here are top 6 Google Plus tips to increase website traffic. Hope you can get valuable information from this article. If you are looking for assistance of optimizing your Google+ page, please don’t be hesitate to come and see SEO Company in Singapore.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources

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