How to use Google Plus to increase website traffic (part 2)

The first 6 tips to use Google Plus to increase website traffic have been shown in our previous article “How to use Google Plus to increase website traffic”. SEO in Singapore can not deny the importance of Google Plus nowadays, and if you still don’t plan any strategies to optimize Google Plus page, let’s take a look on our articles and do it now.

7. Take part in communities

Google+ communities are something similar to forums, groups where your audiences come and share their information. Those communities are evaluated as the great sources to grow your followers that can in turn lead to more traffic and help you strengthen your Google+ page’s page credibility as well. 

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8. Engage with your audiences

Creating a Google+ page and updating information is not enough. In order to reach more viewers’ attention to your site, it is highly recommended to build strong relationship with your audiences. It is worth taking your time to come through your viewers’ Google+ page, reading their post and giving useful comments instead of only a +1. By this way, you are able to get along well with your audiences and your Google+ are able to get more shares, likes and views in the future for sure.

9. Look for trending and hot topics

Whatever social media platforms you are using, creating high quality content is the most important thing that you must concern about. As the best SEO Company Singapore, we believe the best way to make good content is to look around and find out which are the trending topics these days, what is hot in your niche right now. It is suggested to participating in tons of forums that your audiences are members there. You might see that not all the topics are new and creative, some of them are so entirely old and original, but it is never the matter. The point here is you need to figure out how to represent those old information in unique and eye- catching way in order to outrank you competitors. 

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10. Find out the best time to post in Google Plus

You might think that it is suitable for updating all the time, but it is not simple like that. In order take full advantage of those social media platforms, you have to know what their posting time are. Identifying Google+ time to update your information will obviously help you not miss out a lot of traffic from your audiences. 
Testing, testing and testing are the best way to evaluate the best posting time of Google+. When considering about anything or having no idea whether it is good or not, do it again and again until you find out which the right way is. 

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You can see that there are tons of effective approaches that you can use to optimize your Google+ page. Hope you find valuable tips from this article. If you still don’t have any idea to create your own Google+ site, please feel free to contact One SEO services instantly.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources. 

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