How To Use LinkedIn For Reputation Management

LinkedIn is a good social channel to reach your target audience. At this time, this site has well over 107 million users in the United States alone, according to official LinkedIn statistics, which makes it one of the biggest social media sites out there. Therefore, it is a useful tool to get higher rankings in Google search results.

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1. Make Connections

You can connect with everyone on LinkedIn to kick up your career or build relationship. And LinkedIn connections are designed to assist with profile building. But you should not abuse it and try to connect with anyone even you don’t know about them. Because if you contact with many strangers and the contacts is not real, that dilutes LinkedIn community.

2. Optimize the right keywords

It’s a good to use the right keywords make a profile easier to find. If you use the right keywords could also help your potential customers to seem more professional or reliable.

Here are the factors you should not forget, including:


Company names

Job titles


3. Join Professional Groups

It is a good choice to join professional groups. It will help you to contact with many people in the field. Each group you’ve joined is listed on your LinkedIn profile page. That means these groups can also boost your reputation.

4. LinkedIn blogging

Most experts found the LinkedIn blogging feature helpful. Links from a personal blog are easy to share on LinkedIn. If those posts are optimized with the keywords you’re fighting, and you’re looking for a way to drive more clicks on those posts, LinkedIn could be a great help.

It's becoming more challenging to turn up in searches. If you're using LinkedIn for any purposes, getting a strong ranking in its internal search results should be a top priority


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