Most difficult challenges of a SEO plan

Each SEO specialists would find difficulties in dealing with different parts of the SEO process. We have ourselves encountered a large amount of SEO challenges. According to our experiences, below are the four most difficult tasks to complete in striving for a successful SEO campaign.

1. Identifying the correct sources of reference:

The SEO world contains numerous rumors and misconceptions on almost every popular subject. Some of the source of information is more trustful than others. If you are looking for a place to start, you can take a look at these below addresses:

  • Search Engine Land

  • Moz Forum

  • Seobythesea website

  • Digital Marketing Excellence Blog

The list above is only the first few reliable sources of quality information for you to refer to in improving your knowledge on SEO or constructing your SEO campaign. You can also search on your own, but do remember to check the information, read what others have written through different views before believing in them.

2. Organizing everything you learn rather than learning a few factors separately.

You want to know how to write a good meta description? You want to know how to build backlinks? Or you want to know how to configure ATG for SEO? It will take a little time but you will find the answer eventually. You can learn online, definitely.

However, is everything really that clear? Why there is still so many SEO confusions spreading around and why it is so hard to do SEO the right way?

The challenge here is not to learn, rather choose what to learn. With the enormous source of references, you have to determine what is it that you need, filter out the bad sources, examine them and figure out how to incorporate what you have learned to your plan. They say you need to stay organized and stick to your objectives when looking for some SEO knowledge. Focus on your priority to achieve the best ROI possible.

The challenge is to a large number of different events on SEO and figure out how to incorporate them into the plan and attached to a particular site. You also need to know how to prioritize the opportunity to receive the best possible ROI.

And finally, because the algorithms are changing constantly, you need to continue to learn new things and to successfully combine them together requires a deep understanding of each field.

3. Onvincing your clients:

Once you have passed the first two barriers, you will be more confident when communicating with clients who are skeptical about your ability. Someone of high position in the clients’ firm with little or no knowledge on SEO would never accept your proposal if you explain it with specific SEO terms. For example, your clients would not understand why Search Engines treat “301 redirect” differently from “302 redirect”.

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Thus, we suggest that you narrow down the concept of SEO to something that you can explain in five minutes or less. This type of challenge occurs to all SEO with hundreds of different scenarios. In each case, you need to figure out where that client is stuck, and then find a way to explain to them using their own language.

4. Someone else is doing it:

This is a dangerous trap. You may take a website that is currently ranked high as a model for your SEO plan. However, that practice is not as helpful as you may think it is.

The success of some other SEO specialists does not necessarily mean that you can also achieve your target by using their tactics. It is easy to completely copy tactics of another site, but it might not suit you at all, or worse, might get you fined.

The best way is to focus on doing things "in the book" and apply them properly to your plan. Hopefully, Google will catch up with the sketchy tactics of other sites and that is when you can look into their case for your own lessons.

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Those are the four hardest parts of any SEO process and none of them is related to learning a specific skill of SEO. However, the first step is always the hardest one. Remember these challenges and our advices, you may find that first step lighter than you ever anticipated.

Sources: References from reliable SEO websites and forums.

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