Off- page SEO techniques in 2015

On- page and off- page optimization are 2 important sections in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that SEO suppliers need to follow and update the latest techniques for their clients. SEO is known as an ever- changing field; however, some people in this industry don’t even realize that whatever they have learned about off- page SEO could be changed and outdated in 2015. Take some minutes to read our today’s article of SEO in Singapore that is going show you top 10 latest off- page SEO techniques these days. 

In the past, lots of business owners and their SEO Companies implemented black hat techniques such as cloaking, link farm, keyword stuffing… in order to get high ranking in search engines. But with the development of Google’s algorithms, it turns to be smarter to detect mistakes and penalize thousand of websites that are using black hat off- page SEO. You might know that out- of- date off- page SEO techniques are no longer beneficial for your site, and even bring penalty to it. Therefore, it is critical that you have to find out the new approaches to do your off- page SEO strategy. If you really care of off- page SEO optimization, make sure that your site has those things as below:

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1.    High quality backlinks

When it comes to mentioning about off- page SEO plan, getting backlinks is the first thing showing up on our mind. You might know that few years ago, the more backlinks you had, the higher ranking your site got. It meant your site’s quality were easily evaluated based on the number of backlinks. But everything changes now. Google is willing to eliminate those site with bad backlinks out of the game no matter how much backlinks they have. Instead of earning backlinks as much as you can, you should focus on looking for those ones from reliable sources which are relevant to your industry to make sure that their reputation cannot affect your site. 

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2.    Social media

It is highly recommended to build a strong community on social media which is determined as one of the most powerful channel bringing tons of traffic to your site. There is a wide range of social networks that you can choose to optimize for your business. Let’s take advantage of them and it won’t let you down.

3.    Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another way of off- page SEO optimization. It will be a grave mistake of having no idea about those famous social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg… For some might haven’t known about social bookmarking before, it allows viewers to read, update, comment and share bookmark for a particular article. Furthermore, with this technique, your visitors are able to read their favorite pages without connecting to the Internet. Therefore, SEO services Singapore suggest to share every new posts/ content of your site to reach huge traffic as well as good backlinks. 

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4.    Forum postings

Forum is where registered member is likely to gather together, post their topics as threats to discuss with each other. Forum is also known as potential source in driving lots of referral traffic and getting quality inbound links. Thus, find online forums that are related to your niche, take part in replying, answering people’s questions and offer your professional advices if you can. Don’t forget to add a link to your site within your signature that helps search engines crawl your page easily and effectively. 

5.    Business review

Business review is in the measuring factors list of Google to rank website’s position. Based on your business review, search engines can identify how beneficial your site is. According to some current surveys, those reviews probably affect your ranking; therefore, it is better if you can respond your viewers’ questions as soon as possible. Additionally, you can write reviews regarding to other businesses or ask your viewers to write down a review about your business and post it in those famous business review site like Jabber, Trip Advisor, etc, to get the best result. 

6.    Search Engine Submission

In fact, if your site is well optimized, search engines spiders can finally find your site, but it might take time. In order to decrease the finding time and get a good position in SERPs, we highly recommend to submit your write- ups to some popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo…

7.    Photo sharing

Image is worth thousands words. Most of business owners use available images in the internet; however, it will be better if you can create your own unique images for each new content and share them on several popular photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket,… so other are going to able to see your photos and comment on them. It is helpful in driving higher traffic to your site. 

8.    Video promotions

Some like images, others prefer watching videos. Videos have great impact on the viewers visiting your site. In our previous articles, we have emphasized the importance of creating videos which can share your information about your company, products, services effectively to the viewers. Hence, creating videos to aware people about your brand is a good SEO plan that you need to take into consideration.

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9.    Questions and answers

Another good way to build up your site’s reputation is to answer your viewers’ questions. Try to find out some outstanding topics related to your website and give answers as detailed as possible. Once you can satisfy your visitors’ requirements, lots of traffic will come to your site.

10.    Local business listing

In order to get significant SEO results, you should target your local area first by submitting your site on Google local, Yahoo local, etc,… that can promote your site effectively. 

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As you can see, there are tons of off- page SEO techniques that you can implement for your site and this number doesn’t end at 10. You might find out that some of them are really old, but they all are essential. Hope you can get valuable information from this article. Please feel free to contact One SEO services if you have any SEO troubles.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources. 

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