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In our previous article “6 steps to create an effective social media strategy (Part 1), SEO in Singapore has showed 4 tips of creating perfect plan for social media. Let’s take a look at this article and find out what the 5th and 6th tips are.

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As you all know, social media has developed rapidly and played an important role in creating strong connection with potential customers and engaging them to your site, do you have a plan around them? In fact, most small business owners understand the importance of social media in a whole online marketing strategy; however, they don’t know how to begin. It is not that simple as choosing a random social media platform and post your content on it.

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The significant growth of online marketing for the past decade changed the way enterprises run their business. However, to keep chasing something with no doubt about “why is online marketing” seems not to be such a clever tactic that it’s time to review and answer the question before stepping forward. 

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In the previous article “Top 10 reasons why you need to use WordPress for your business’s site (part 1)”, SEO in Singapore has showed something basically about WordPress’s definition and the first 4 reasons why your business s

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As an online business owner, creating a website is really critical. It is not only the place where you can promote your products and services, but also where you and the potential customers can interact directly with each other. SEO in Singapore highly recommends you to use WordPress to run your business website because of those significant reasons which are represented below.

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Articles, videos, infographics, products review, tweets or social media posts are different types of content which are created a lot every day. Nowadays, getting your content noticed and outstanding is really hard if you don’t know how to diversify them on your site. Today, SEO in Singapore will show you the importance of one of content’s kind- infographic and the reasons why you need to use it in business. 

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In our previous articles about content marketing, SEO in Singapore always recommends you to create fresh content for your site. Keep in mind that fresh content is able to make a big impact on search engines ranking due to the fact that both Google and viewers prefer reading fresh news instead of viewing something old and bored.

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Read our previous article "Top advantages of responsive web design (part 1)" for get more information about the benefits that Responsive Web Design can bring to your business. Following are the rest of what SEO in Singapore would like to represent. 

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As you might know, mobile phones and table devices are developed rapidly nowadays. According to some current surveys, modern devices are predicted totally overtake desktop by 2015; therefore, the ignorance of mobile-friendly websites is a grave mistake. When it comes to creating a mobile-friendly website, there is no doubt that Responsive Web Design is very important for today’s web design point of view.

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To be continued our previous article “How does SEO cost? (part 1)”, SEO in Singapore would like to show the rest in this article. 

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