Strengths and weaknesses of doing SEO yourself

Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yourself is quite familiar to most business owner. Not everyone can handle the payment for hiring SEO Company for their site; therefore, they tend to do it themselves as the good way to save up their budget. However, is this the most optimal way to develop your business? Let’s come across this article with SEO in Singapore to find out strengths and weaknesses of running SEO without SEO experts’ assistance before making the final decision. 

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Strengths of doing SEO yourself

You will save up a lot of money

One SEO services understand that budget is one of your biggest concerns. Those questions like “Should I invest in running SEO plan?” “How much does SEO cost?” or “Which are the benefits that SEO plan can bring to my business with every dollar?” are so popular. Although compared with other kinds of marketing methods, SEO is the most affordable one for small business, but some of you think it can be done yourself without having to investing your budget for SEO experts. Actually, you are able to save up your budget effectively but there are some drawbacks of doing it yourself which will be represented below.

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Widen your own knowledge about SEO

Understanding about SEO is really important for business owners, even when you don’t intend to run SEO plan yourself. It might much easier to keep track of the situation when hiring SEO supplier in the future. There are wide ranges of techniques and tactics in the Internet that you can learn and implement them for your site. Day by day, doing SEO yourself can truly widen your horizon about SEO and boost your site’s visibility in search engines successfully.

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Weaknesses of doing SEO yourself

You haven’t had enough SEO skills

The fact is SEO is easy to pick up but it is really difficult to master. There are tons of SEO guide in the Internet that you can download instantly and learn them yourself. However, you will end up getting not much significant SEO results with those basic techniques like that. In order to get high traffic and go to the top of search engines, your site must be optimized professionally and accurately. With the seasoned experience, SEO experts guarantee to help you get those expectation. You might think that getting failure at the beginning is normal, your skill will be improved and better in the future but wait, your failure will make your site to be outranked by the competitors in a glance. 

You haven’t kept track of Google algorithms’ changes over years

You might know that Google’s algorithms is changed constantly. Supposing that you haven't had much experiences in keeping track of those changes from the past until now, there is higher risk that your site gets hit by Google. 
Over the past few years, Google has developed its algorithms to detect websites which have serious mistakes such as duplicating content, low quality link building, etc… and punished them with 2 famous penalties: Panda and Penguin penalty. In severe cases, your site is got the kick of those first sites of Google and never has chance to come back to the previous position. Therefore, hiring an SEO experts is your safest way to get success. 

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In order to get success in the future, you have to put all of your time and effort to do SEO, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring SEO specialists. Each approach has its own features. The matter is you need to take into account to choose your own way. Keep in mind that your wrong choice will lead to your failure. Hope you can find valuable information from this article and please contact SEO services Singapore if you need help.

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