Top 5 Google ranking factors in 2015

Do you want to rank higher in search engine? So you are not the only one. Today’s article of SEO in Singapore would like to provide for business owners, webmasters, SEO suppliers and content marketer the latest Google Ranking Factors in 2015. You might know that Google’s algorithms have changed all the time and your SEO strategies need to be updated the newest ranking factors of Google in order not to be outranked by your competitions. Let’s take a look on this article and find out top 5 Google ranking factor in 2015 that you should take into consideration. 

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High quality content is more important than ever

Don’t ever understated the importance of high quality content. Keep in mind that Google starts focusing on your content to rank your website. When it comes to content, some might think it is all about keywords, the more keywords your site includes, the higher ranking you can reach. However, although there is no doubt about keywords’ power, this way of thinking is not totally true. It is highly recommended to look around and figure out the outstanding features of high ranking websites’ content. Or, let’s One SEO services summarize them for you:
•    Content’s length. “How long that the content should be” is one of biggest considerations of most business owners these days. Some might believe that content length is not able to affect their ranking; however, it can. According to current studies, those sites which want to be in the top pages of Google need to have at least 2000 words for each article. 
•    The value of your content. In order to keep your viewers reading more and more articles on your sites, your content must be satisfy their demands. Most visitors come to your page and look for the answers clearing up their troubles. In cases they find out your site is a useful destination, you got them; otherwise, they never come back again.
•    Keywords. Adding keywords into your content has played an important part in SEO that can boost your site’s visibility in search engines effectively. Please note that overusing it obviously bring negative effects to your site; therefore, it is better to build up a suitable plan to use keywords for your site. 
•    Content updates. In reality, Google appreciates those sites having fresh content. Thus, don’t forget to update your site frequently to get the credit from Google. 

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User experience

Nowadays, user experience is so important to your website SEO strategy and has becoming a ranking factors in 2015. Keep in mind that Google really cares about its users and its concern is represented clearly through Webmaster Guidelines “Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and a great user experience”. Google usually base on your bounce rate and average time per visit to identify whether your audiences were pleased with your site or not.
•    Bounce rate. Bounce rate is defined as the proportion of people who leave your website immediately after viewing one single page. There are tons of reasons causing high bounce rate; however, from the best SEO Singapore’s aspect, getting this rate high is not good for your site. It partly shows that your site can’t satisfy viewers’ needs. 
•    Average time per visit. How to make your viewers stay longer on your site is also a big consideration. The fact is the more time that the audiences use on your site, the higher ranking you can get. 

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Social signals

As one of the leading SEO suppliers in Singapore, we believe that there is a very close connection between social signals such as likes, shares and your site’s ranking. Some SEO experts has divided the effect of those social signals to SEO ranking: direct an indirect.
Direct impact comes from:
•    Number of people that like your social network sites
•    Number of people share your posts
•    Number of people’s post mentioning your brand or adding a link to your site
Indirect impact includes:
•    Increased inbound links 
•    Increased positive reviews
Those criteria are quite clear and understandable. Let’s take a look on your site’s results and improve it as soon as possible. 

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If content is king, link is queen. It shows the undeniable power of backlinks in SEO strategies nowadays. Keep in mind that it’s not just about the number of backlinks you have, it’s more about their quality. Getting backlinks as much as possible doesn’t a good way of doing modern SEO.
If your website has clean backlink from relevant, reputable and reliable sites, you will have a lot to gain in the long run. However, if you have low quality backlinks from unrelated websites, a penalty is on the verge of happening. Additionally, it is highly recommended to have a variety of backlinks and make sure that you are not creating backlinks that are violating Google’s guidelines.

Website loading speed

In fact, site speed officially became an important ranking factor of Google in 2014; however, in this year, this element has maintained its position. Google and other search engines give more credit to those sites that load faster. In this modern life, people hate waiting. Most audiences expect your site to load in no more that 3 seconds that means you only have 3 seconds to show your “beauty”; otherwise, you will miss out lots of traffic.

In fact, there are tons of other Google ranking factors. Here are just 5 factors that SEO services Singapore think they will bring positive effects to yours site. Hope you find this article useful and valuable. If you need our assistance, please feel free to contact SEO Company in Singapore.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources. 

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