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You probably already know the importance of creating high quality to succeed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, you don’t have chances to get much viewers’ attention with the same type of content which is repeated over and over again like that. Well, SEO in Singapore thinks it’s time to try and experiment with some new types of content that you haven’t tried before that are represented below. Let’s check it out!

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When it comes to mentioning about creating content, what would you think of first? Is it writing articles? Actually, most business owners have the same idea with you; however, it’s not enough. Most of you choose writing article is the main way to deliver your information to viewers without knowing that there’re tons of other content’s types which can get lots of traffic to your site.


Some people love reading articles, some prefer watching videos more. Video is evaluated as one of the most optimal way to persuade viewers to buy your products/ services. Over 60% viewers state that they get into watching videos that makes them feel interesting and trusting in your products’ quality than reading tons of words. In order to creating amazing videos, One SEO services highly recommend to make 2- 3 minute video with clear and concise script. Keep in mind that videos are not only about the moving picture, it’s about the words that you say or display, too. 

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How- to tips 

The how- to is one of the most effective types of content that the visitors are really keen on. The main reason why people visit your site is to look for their problems’ solution, and how- to guide is exactly the best way to help them clear up the matters. In order to create the interesting and useful how- to topics for your site, let’s look around on your comment section or some forums discussing your niche/ industry to find out what the hot topics these days are. And answer them accurately and professionally! It sounds quite simple, right? 


Infographics is the way that people use graphic format design to represent there complex information understandably and accurately that get the most liked, shared and loved from viewers. Because of having eye- catching and unique look, there is no doubt about its power in capturing the attention of the audiences and generating leads to your business. 

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Case study

People might get bored of reading general information, it’s time show as specific as possible by creating case study. A case study explains what your products or services are and how they benefit your clients. This sounds like a format of marketing about your products but keep in mind to write it naturally. The more sincere your case study is, the more credibility you can get from both Google and viewers. 

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Here are just a few types of content that you can take into consideration. Keep in mind that the more type of content you use, the more SEO effectiveness you can get. Don’t be afraid to try new types, your experiment will be rewarded. Hope you can get valuable information from this article. Please talk to SEO Company in Singapore if you need our help.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources. 

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